Touch Screen freeking out, mostly when charging


Feb 22, 2011
I am using MIUI version D1-MIUI. by Jamezelle and earlier versions it was doing this as well.

but when I'm in a menu, like settings, or any other program where you use your finger to scroll down, or on the unlock screen the menu starts jumping all over when im scrolling. or when i just sit my finger there, the menu starts jumping up and down, slowly at first, then enormous jumps up and down. like i could have my finger sitting in the middle of the screen on the lock screen, but the unlock slider would be jumping from the top to the bottom in just one frame without me moving my finger.

And this only seems to happen vertically, never when sliding horizontally, and it has happened when i wasn't charging my phone, just, not as much. when i plug my phone in, it instantly starts doing this funky thing.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening, or more inportantly how i can fix it?