TouchOSC Force Closes under MIUI


Dec 28, 2011
I have been happily using MIUI for a few weeks and have experienced no problems until now.
I am trying to run TouchOSC ( to control some software on my mac over WiFi but when I try and open the network configuration in the app it force-closes. I've posted this in the forums for the software too ( but the only other report I've seen of this behavior is on a device running MIUI and many people run it on stock ROMs with no problems.
The full error report is posted at my link above and if anybody could give me and s***estions/workarounds that would be brilliant.
Thanks, Martin
I have this error too in all MIUI roms, this func

(TextView)(this.getLayoutInflater().inflate(android.R.layout.preference_category, null)).
"I’ve tried to find the source for this MIUI to maybe pinpoint the error and s***est a fix but couldn’t find anything but a discussion that the developers are breaking the GPL by not actually releasing the source at all. So that’s that"

plz plz plz can resolve this problem i love MIUI rom i think is the better ROMS ever and i wont use it with Touchosc!! plz fix it