twrp install

  1. M

    Costume recovery for redwood

    Can anyone help me to install costume recovery for This version of poco x5 pro
  2. F

    SOLVED | Do i have to always update the TWRP version?

    I am using Redmi K60 (Mondrian) and have installed the TWRP on my phone. Do I need to keep updating TWRP to the latest version?
  3. pitileteharpalete

    Couldn't install TWRP recovery on Redmi 10.

    Yo guys, I have a feeling about this, but TWRP Can't. Be. Installed. On. My. Redmi 10? Because I said so. So, I wanted to install TWRP, but there was a problem. See, I tried tens of hundreds of videos, but to no avail. Tried commands like: fastboot boot recovery.img fastboot flash recovery...
  4. W

    How to install rom for xiaomi mi11 for the first time?

    Hi, I'm a technical guy but never changed rom nore installed TWRP and there are different instructions on how to install the TWRP and how to change the rom. My biggest fear is to brick my phone. Otherwise I wouldn't mind the trial and error process... I have a new Xiaomi Mi11, MIUI Global...
  5. Mi2022

    Twrp for Mi 11 Ultra

    Hello, I need some help please. I own a Xiaomi 11 Ultra with Android 12. I would like to download the latest update with Android 13 but I don't currently have twrp installed. Can someone tell me which twrp version I need and possibly give a little guide? many thanks
  6. kumanderhudas

    TWRP removed after updating to latest eu

    Yesterday, I updated my device (POCO F4/K40S) from previous to latest eu via fastboot and the twrp is removed. Do I need to install twrp again like normally?
  7. F

    Official TWRP Installation on Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra

    Hello friends.. I'm from Brazil and I recently acquired an MI 11 Ultra, I installed via Fastboot version V13.0.12.0 SKACNXM | Stable but now asking to update to V13.0.13 SKACNXM | Stable, and from what I've seen it only updates using TWRP... But, I'm new to these installations of programs and...
  8. Miguel3t

    New Stuck on TWRP installation

    Hi, i have a problem installing the last release of Xaiomi.EU INGRES (Redmi k50GT) V13.0.11.0 in installation this stays stuck on "package_extract_file to /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/vbmeta_system_b took 00s". its the first "system B" package IDK if this make difference... i tryed to...
  9. K

    How to Flash ROM from China ROM in Mi CC9

    Hello dears, I have bought Mi CC9 and I wish to flash EU ROM as I want to use Google Services and call recording features. But I don't know how-to as I am newbie to flash. And are there any errors or problems used to be in flashing TWRP and EU ROM? And also errors in MIUI EU ROM...
  10. M

    Redmi K30 5G can't boot to twrp

    I recently got a K30 5G and finally able to unlock it. But when I tried to install twrp using the following code: fastboot flash recovery twrp.img fastboot boot twrp.img (also tried power bottom+volume up key to enter twrp) My phone just reboot into the original rom or keep rebooting.(I saw...
  11. lecter100

    Questions For Installing Rom On Redmi 4a

    Hello, Community, I'm a Newbie on Xiaomi. My Device is Redmi 4A ( rolex ). Bootloader unlocked. I've tried to root several times. Always ends in Bootloop, and I had to restore it. But I like to try it again tomorrow ( maybe ). :-) On my 4A : TWRP 3.1.1-0 ( tried newer Versions before )...
  12. Mmichex

    Which Twrp Should I Install?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Xiaomi Mi Max Prime (4RAM/128ROM) wich comes with official stable China ROM based on Android 6. I want to install the Developer version offered by, which has MIUI 8 with Android 7.0. So, should I flash TWRP_helium or TWRP_helium_7.0 considering the...
  13. K

    Unlimited Problems With Kenzo

    I think Xiaomi hates me. They totally do :( But let's start from the beginning... Seven month ago, I bought a Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime 32 GB from GearBest. As I didn't know the differences between the Shop ROM and the Official ROM, I was running the GB-ROM for about seven months. In this time, I...
  14. Tyrano

    Can't Install Twrp

    Hi guys, I just got my Xiaomi mi5s with a custom gearbest rom so I was trying to install the latest ROM from this site. I already unlocked the bootloader and I was trying to install TWRP but I get this error: c:\ADB>fastboot flash recovery twrp.img target didn't report max-download-size...
  15. J

    Cannot Get Twrp Installed Using Fastboot

    Hi all, I've bought a Xiaomi Redmi 3s (2g/16gb version) and would like to install the ROM. To flash the ROM, first the TWRP recovery needs to be flashed using fastboot. The phone is recognized by fastboot, and the bootloader has already been unlocked succesfully using the Xiaomi...
  16. R

    (resolved) Locked Bootloader After Flash The Rom?? O.o

    Hi! I did some research and I unlocked the bootloader, at least is what the command " fastboot oem device-info" say. Then I flashed the twrp(and I choose to not keep the system only for read), and tested again if the bootloader was unlocked, and everything ok. The problem is when I flash either...
  17. nlacsoft

    Yet Another Full Recovery Rom Flashing Description

    Hi, let me share my steps to install the latest eu dev ROM from the chinese dev ROM successfully on my Redmi 3 Pro, done yesterday. Another newbies may find it useful, i try to have it complete and refer to external tutorials as less as possible. The process is mostly based on this: en dot miui...
  18. L

    Trying To Install Stable Rom, Stuck At The Twrp Level

    Hi, I'm new to flashing and all things Android. I have a new Xiaomi Mi4S from China and I would like to install a stable multi ROM. Since I'm new I would like to stay a casual user user (at least for a while) and stick to stable ROMs and OTA updates, if possible. I'm trying to follow the...
  19. R

    Twrp Not Responding Mi4s (frozen)

    I have installed TWRP on Mi4s. Initially it worked fine , then downloaded Supersu and TWRP now freezes when I go in recovery mode. What should I do? I tried reinstalling TWRP but is did not work.... Any advice?
  20. K

    Steps To Install Custom Rom. Am I Right?

    Hey guys, I want to install a custom ROM ( ROM) but I'm not sure about the steps that I have to follow. I read a lot of threads here but there's nothing clear in my mind so these are the steps that I think I have to follow. Please let me know if I am right: This is what I have right...