TWRP Memory Error, redmi 5 plus with MIUI 11.

Eduardo Amorim

Oct 11, 2019
Good night everyone
I installed MIUI 11 last night, right when I joined TWRP in the installation, started asking for password and the videos I saw on Youtube just cancel and continue with the procedure, making the WIPES that are requests , all gave error when finishing the accusing memory error. When you restarted redmi 5 plus right away I saw that DARK MODE was not present as described in the ROM presentation videos. I wonder if for redmi 5 plus there is no such availability? As for TWRP, would you have something to do that will make everything right? I watched some videos taught how to repair DATA, CACHE partitions by formatting them in EXT4, but paying attention to the messages that are displayed during installation I realized that the error is now in the VENDOR folder. How can I solve this problem?


Sep 10, 2016
The last option: install oficial ROM via fastboot. You lost all data but restore to factory rom your device.