Ubifocus\refocus doesn't work anymore after last update

Dec 20, 2014
Hi there! First of all, I would like to thank all the community for the awesome work they've put up, creating this bible of knowledge 'bout the xiaomi world :)
My father bought a Mi4 after a year passed in company of the RedMi. The phone came with a pre-installed version of the multilang (an old version, I don't remember which was). Well, everything worked, so I decided to update it at the latest fw (5.1.23) and Everything works good... except for the camera: Whenever I try to take a photo with the "ubifocus" option (that's the translation in italian, I think it is called "refocus" in english, dunno) the phone takes it... but doesn't save it! Is there a way to overcome this problem? Is only that last weekly build or is a known problem?
Thank you all in advance :D
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