University GApps Account – Can't Add


May 8, 2011
Hey everyone,

I just flashed on MIUI 1.5.6 on my EVO 4G, and was just started to set everything back up with my google account. I'm currently using my university GApps account (which has worked fine with OTA HTC Rom, CM7, etc) and when I attempt to add the account in MIUI I'm getting an instant refusal to add.

I'm thinking because the refusal is so fast, that this has to do with some sort of settings the MIUI developers changed from the original android rom. I see that they've added the ability to sync your MIUI account info, so I'm guessing somehow the google account settings were changed?

The university account ends in .edu rather than .com, although it is a GApps account. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks