Unresponsive SMS Keyboard


Apr 15, 2011
Hello, I am running version 1.5.20. I have noticed that when I am sending texts, it gets unresponsive on certain letters. Sometimes it will be the delete key, or a random letter like T. Other times, it will work perfectly fine, it kind of switches off. When it happens, it makings sending texts very difficult and frustrating! My touch screen is completely fine everywhere else.

Its been doing this for the past two versions of miui I believe?
Like I said, I am on 1.5.20.
I am on HTC Inspire(Desire HD)
I am using Gingerbread Sensemod Keyboard. I have tried other keyboards such as Better Keyboard 8, Smart Keyboard, and Stock android keyboard, but the problem persists.

Is anyone else having this problem?

*Note, I am also using the default light miui theme.