Upload speed throttled during hotspot MI11 Ultra

Edo Yehezkel

Feb 18, 2014
I wanted to see if anyone else experience my issue, I have a strong feeling it's something related either to Miui or the MI11 Ultra.
At first I blamed my mobile operator for doing this as it looked like an artificial limit, the scenario is simple..
I would connect my phone to laptop using USB tether (checked also with mobile hotspot to verify it..)
Make speedtest and see all good. (around 30~ download speed/ 25~ upload speed)
Start a youtube stream (anything that would start to use upload speed constantliy)

after around 5-10 min the stream will get shuttered, doing a speedtest right after will show same download speed but... upload speed would get stuck in 1mbps! it wont move higher!
Disconnecting the phone from the laptop, checking directly with speedtest on the phone will still show same symptom of limited 1mbps~ upload speed.. waiting like 2-3 min without doing anything will fix the issue alone and upload speed will return to normal. I know it all sounds like something from the mobile operator it self but... I double checked it with them by taking the sim to Samsung A21 I had and testing the same scenario of connecting it to laptop and doing a stream and no single issue, upload speed was steady all the way for 2 hours+ !

In the past I was doing this kind of setups with my old MI8, I have a little feeling it's either something with the MI11 Ultra or something that was added in the background with one of the versions and maybe nobody really experienced it as no one really using the phone for streaming stuff..
If anyone has any clue I would appreciate it.