New exclusive HQ USB audio access on MIX4 Dev version(MIUI-WEEKLY-RELEASES/22.5.11/) is not working normally


May 14, 2022
In MIX4 version MIUI-WEEKLY-RELEASES/22.5.11/, there seems to be some problems with the usb exclusive, usually I use USB Audio Player Pro with DAC device to listen to lossless music, but when I swipe UAPP to system background or lock screen, the music stops playing after some time, but The music player control in the status bar is still running (Ican't show it in pictures because the playback controls are working, but there is no sound in the headphones) and when I back to the UAPP, the music plays normally.
I still tried using Tidal to enable usb exclusivity, same problem. I have set the battery to unlimited for UAPP and Tidal. My dac device is working fine on my oneplus 7pro.
I had to go back to the STABLE version, and in MIUI 13.0.4, there was no such problem.
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