Very Bad Call Quality On Mi3

Discussion in 'Xiaomi MI3' started by Иван Пейчев, Dec 12, 2016.

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    Hi! I've been having this problem for around an year.I only use ROMs from have tried both stable and developer....currently i am with the latest developer rom. People complain that they can't hear me clearly....some say they hear me like a robot speaking...while others say that the sound is interrupting.Like i said it is not always happening....for example from 5 calls......2 will be OK. I found that when i restart my phone the first 2-3 calls have no problems....but soon the problem appears again.I wanted to switch off the second microphone... there used to be such function in the previous versions....but now i can't find it. I've read a lot and there are a lot of people with Xiaomi phones complaining from this issue.I am almost sure that it is a software problem,because after restarting the first calls are OK. Is there any solution for it.I would be very gratefull!

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