Waiting For My Mi4c To Arrive. Looking For Opinions On A Good Rom To Use That Doesn't Use Much Ram

Nov 18, 2016
What are people's recommendations for a good stable ROM? I realise there is no global ROM, just custom ones available.
First time with a Xiaomi.
I have already organised for it to be unlocked. Will get bootloader and TWRP set up prior to installing a custom ROM.
I am after a ROM that does not take much hard disk space.
Main aspects i am after:
1) Device doesn't heat much
2) Will last at least 24 hours (more where possible) without charging.
3) I don't play any games, use email a lot, and talk on the phone as well.
4) Utilise about 30-35 apps.
5) Don't particularly care about updating the ROM, as long as it is stable and will work I am happy.
6) Biggest things are i want to have enough RAM (so of the 2GB the phone will have, can i have for example 1GB or more left over from the install?)

My Mi4c is 16gb (2GB ram). How much of the 16GB will be allocated to your suggested ROM? Again after something that won't take too much space.

Your suggestions on this are appreciated.