webOS style multitasking for MIUI


Oct 18, 2011
H Everyone,
The MIUI team are doing a great job there. I was just curious to know if you guys could make possible an idea of modifying a little part of your Ultimate iPhone theme. As you know, many people are fond of the WebOS cards style multitasking. So I had this small wish, dream actually, to integrate this into your beautiful iOS5 theme.
I will try to be precise here, my suggestion is like, I would like you to design a Multitasking Page, and create a gesture of "swipe up" from the bottom of the screen, which should be accessible from any part of the interface that will initiate the Multitasking page. (Just like the Notification Center which slides down from the top, I want this to be the other way round from the bottom.)
Now this page should be like translucent, and this should show all the Running Apps just like Cards in webOS, and flicking the cards up should kill the app.
So if you want to go to the multitasking page from anywhere in the OS, the action should be like a "Swipe Up" from the bottom, and if you would like to end an App, then just a flick like the webOS. so it just takes two "swipe up" gestures to end an app.

I hope you people get the picture of that which i have in my mind. Is it possible and can you please make it happen. If you guys can do something about this, it will be an absolute killer feature if its implemented.

This would be just like perfect task switcher or itching thumb which both don't work on my desire with miui.

It would be a great feature and a big benefit for everyone using miui.
I guess that its not possible to add this functionality to the Ultimate iPhone theme, i think the MIUI devs should be up for it.. so please guys, ask the devs to give this idea some food for thought.. ADD THIS FUNCTIONALITY

"Swipe up from the bottom screen from anywhere in the interface to initiate the webOS style multitasking page, with cards to flick up and close... '
don't know of you know but there is a free launcher on the market called 'espeir launcher' which looks like IOS5, and it has the exact same multitasking feature as IOS5...but it only works on the launcher and nowhere else in android