New [Weekly] [whyred/pie] Volume buttons can only control ringtone volume


Oct 28, 2018
There's a problem i'm suffering with volume buttons from some time ago on a Redmi Note 5 with latest MIUI 10.5 beta [Android 9]. It's maybe since Pie update (?).

My settings are configured this way: Volume buttons control (by default) ringtone volume, not multimedia volume.

But despite of that, volume buttons control multimedia sound ONLY in Music or Videos app (or Gallery videos). When i play music/videos in other apps, including WhatsApp or native Browser, volume buttons control only the ringtone volume.

I also have a Redmi 5 with the latest 10.3 stable [Android 8.1] and it's working properly: whenever music play, no matter if the app is in the background, no matter which app is playing the sound, volume buttons can control the multimedia volume. In fact, i don't remember suffering this problem on the Redmi 5.

Correct behaviour is the one from the Redmi 5, according my choice in settings: By default volume buttons control ringtone volume, but when a sound is playing from elsewhere, volume buttons should control multimedia volume.

Is it a known problem of chinese ROM, or a problem of mine?

Also, since some versions ago, i can't set 2 different notifications for the SMS on both SIMs. This setting was relocated to SMS app notifications, instead general sound settings, but i can't find if there's a way to set 2 different alerts.

Thanks a lot for your work.
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