We're back!!


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

You may or not know what has been happening the last week or so due to power struggles and one thing or another regarding the site and the people running it.

I just want to first thank the kindness of Paul from Modaco for hosting our site and giving us a home! for this we are eternally grateful to paul and the Modaco community.

Regards to the rumours about ad revenue and so forth, no one has profited for personal pleasure or gain from this site, the money is in a savings account until a good amount of money is available to offer a kick-ass prize to people to win!

It's sad indeed the recent issues but we must all move on and continue to do what we love, that love being MIUI. To those we feel offended I'm sorry. I'm going on record as apologising to anyone who feels let down.

To everyone I wish a happy weekend and look