What do you want more in MIUI ????


Sep 6, 2011
For me, I want to set cpu in setting, equalizer, multi select in contact for delete,brows web in desktop mode and baseband switch for another country.

//Sorry for bad in english ^_^ //
Music control in the pull-down window would be great.

And power off menu, containing like: Power off, Reboot, Recovery, Soft Reboot and Hibernate.

improvments on the music player :)
POssibility of editing songs before using it like ringtone (Ringtone trimmer in Froyo)
Better email client (am I the only one where it keeps importing old emails but marking them as unread?)
More options to customise the launcher (eg number of rows/ columns, icon size).
Bring back old browser
Bug fixes (no vibrate in keyboard, Gallary folders don't always open, more)

How do we actually feedback to someone who will actually listen?

This forum is all well and good but we need to make sure suggestions/ bugs get passed to the devs......
You are not alone. I hate that too when read mails appear as unread. Also I would like to have an option to select how many email I want in inbox.

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I would love a less 'exotic' way of picking alarm/calender times. The two wheel system might look good but it's far from userfriendly imho.

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i'd like to have the possibility to change the ringer settings (silence, vibrate, sound) pushing the volume buttons, something like the cyano for example.
the second thing is more complicated: is about the guard mode. i think could be better to have only the guard mode in witch you can choose the app that have to have the pass to be open. i mean, now you can choose to protect with a password each app you desider, including the guard mode in witch the sms and the call log are protected. i think is better to have only the guard mode in witch you can choose the app you want protect with a password.

thank :D