What is Supermarket?


Jul 28, 2011
I saw in the change log for 1.7.29 that there is a new apk called "supermarket", which won't be included in our release, but I wanted to know what it is, other than a way to share apps. Anywhere I could find some screen shots of it, or find a copy of the apk just to play with it?
It's an app store with pirated apps, more or less. That's why this site doesn't include or translate it. If you really wanted it, you could just unzip the original Chinese ROM on your computer and take the .APK out.

It's not really new either. I believe it's just a overhaul of the previous Chinese-only market that was in MIUI, which was always removed from the US releases.
they are in the deodex if you need them, we dont support them so dont link them on the forums we'll delete any links we find to those apks.


mine installed with the rom when i flahed the english pack it says removed but i still got it just an app with chineese symbols u can dl random apps