What needs to be on the SD Card in HTC Desire and how should it be partitioned


Apr 2, 2011
I'm a newbie to all this stuff and no spring chicken. My son rang me and insisted I "root" my Desire and install MIUI. I normally tell him it's fine as it is and don't do anything this time after a few glasses of wine I thought why not. To my surprise l completed it successfully using "unrevoked" and I'm very happy with the result - well at least everything works!
However the SD Card is now almost full and I think it's down to lack of housekeeping, there is for example hardly any music on there and I don't think any Apps - at least not current ones.
If it's answered elsewhere on the forum I apologise but I can't find a search facility.


Mar 25, 2011
I assume you haven't installed the MIUI rom, and have just successfully run Unrevoked 3 and gained Super user + Clockwork recovery yeah?

If so, Backup all SD card data, then reboot into Clockwork Recovery (Download the free Rom Manager from the market, it can do this automatically for you. If not you'll have to access it via the Bootloader)

These instructions may vary depending on your Clockwork version, I think these are for version 2. Shouldn't vary much though. Once in Clockwork Recovery:
Go down to ‘advanced’.
Select ‘Partition SD Card’. (This will create an EXT3 partition)
Select the ext size that you want (128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M, 2048M or 4096M).
Select 0M as the Swap Size.
Copy back your data to SD card.

Swap size is up to you, I've heard some people say 0MB others say 32MB. Also on my SD card (8GB), after partitioning a 1GB ext3 I only had 3GB left on my other parition, not the 7GB I was expecting. Maybe I did it wrong, something to keep in mind though I suppose.