When are we getting this beautiful OS on the Rezound?


Oct 3, 2011
Seriously, the phone has had an unlock and root method for a while now, and there's still no news about porting MIUI to it? Come on, guys...this is ridiculous. This phone is one of, if not the most powerful phone on the market right now, owned by many, and there's not even any news about supporting it? As much as I prefer MIUI of Cyanogen, at least they're working on getting a build up. In fact, they already have a beta build that boots, but doesn't have data/wifi/etc. But hey, I can at least say they're putting some effort in. I ran MIUI on my DroidX and seriously miss it. I don't know what the hold-up is, but I'm dying to see my favorite OS on my favorite device.

Get a move on.
Funny I've often thought of giving up the DX for a rezound if not a nexus. I'm a sense fan though.

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