Which File And Version To Download For Miui 8 - Redmi Note 2

Nov 21, 2016
Whats up guys and gals, I'm saying hello from all the way in Jamaica, the caribbean. Big up unnu self.

I have a Redmi Note 2, not sure how to identify it, but it has this under the battery.

TD-LTE xxxxxxxxx
CIMIT ID: 2015CP2373

Its running MIUI 7 ( miui 5.10.16 | Weekly), I got it like that when I bought it from China. I rooted it after I got it and installed TWRP. I like Android Marshmallow, and find that the closest I can get is a developer rom of MIUI 8 with some features of marshmallow. I searched the forums and want to download the multi MIUI 8 6.11.17 or something stable if it isnt.

I can't post the page link cause this is my first post, but its a page with a lot of files for different devices, but I can't tell which file is for my redmi note 2.

Also, I am not sure if this is the most stable, bug free version of MIUI 8 for my device, and I don't know which file on the page is for my device. Can anyone spend a minute and give me a few pointers? I'll be very happy if you can.
Dec 1, 2015
For Redmi Note 2 you have to grab the files whose name contains HMNote2.
To identify you phone go to Settings->About phone and look at the Model Number.

I think that you should get the stable version.
You can find in the MIUIv8 subdirectory starting from the link to the page on www.androidfilehost.com
The current stable version is v8.0.2.0.
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Nov 21, 2016
Hello, and thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll give it a go and see how I luck out. Really appreciate your time.