New Why not all my ringtones appears on 'downloaded resources'?


Aug 6, 2012
Hi, I have this three sound files for setting my ringtones. I put them in /sdcard/MIUI/ringtone/.

I want to set 'cartoon.mp3' as my ringtone and 'best4tone.mp3' as the default notification & SMS tones. But when I go to 'System settings > Sound > Phone ringtone', in 'Downloaded resources' only appears 'cuckoo.mp3'... But when I select 'System settings > Sound > Default notification' there appears 'cartoon.mp3' and 'best4tone.mp3'.

I don't understand why the three files doesn't appear under 'Downloaded resources' at the two situations. Is strange... Can anybody give me a clue about it? Thanks in advance!