Why won't the messanging app recognize my contacts?


Nov 26, 2010
So I just flashed MIUI for the first time this week and I'm loving it, one of the things I really liked was the messaging app as well but I had a major problem. It would only recognize a random selection of my contacts. I opted to install handcent and it recognized all of my contacts so I uninstalled MIUI's messenger using Titanium backup. I guess my problem is I want to use MIUI messenger but now I neither have the APK and I don't know if it would read my contacts even if I did, can you guys help?

EDIT: Got the MMS.apk reinstalled but I'm still having the same problem :(

handcent and chompsms both have an option for turning on that behaviour, and i think the stock android sms app does too.

MIUI has it on by default, and no option, i think.

I like it tho, but just because i have to store people numbers as +5411NUMBER, for the caller id, and for the free phone numbers my plan gets, 01115NUMBER, this makes it convenient :p