Wipe dalvik cache in recovery mode?


Apr 26, 2012
Does the wipe cache option in recovery mode wipe dalvik cache as well? If not. Is it possible to wipe dalvik cache on the MI-ONE?
Thanks for the answer :)

The phone doesn't take any longer to boot than normal after 'wipe cache'. Does this mean the dalvik is not wiped?
Boot time depends on a lot of things on pc and phones. Is it a very clean stock rom without other apps then what followed with the phone?

I re-flashed and re-installed my phone so many times but it never goes very much faster if faster at all.
Its a lot of stuff needed to be started so it might just start what needed for the phone to work and then when you choose a "non-standard" app it starts new stuff. Its like your pc when it boots it dont open every software on the pc only what is needed :)
I meant that when the phone has to rebuild the dalvik cache (after it's been wiped) the time it takes to boot the phone is usually quite long due to the rebuild.
If it wipes dalvik, when you reboot you get the optimising screen. If you wipe cache and it goes straight from boot anim to lockscreen, it doesnt wipe dalvik.
Ok. Then wipe cache in recovery menu doesn't wipe dalvik, and there's no 'wipe dalvik' in this menu. Is it possible to wipe dalvik in any other way?
only if you update the system to a new version like the weekly updates. then it gives you the optimizing screen
That isnt the same as a dalvik wipe. It relies on the OS figurong it out, which it usually does but not always. And theres no way to dalvik wipe on stock system.