WMA bug in music library? (1.10.21)


Oct 22, 2011
Hi guys,
Love that MIUI now supports WMA!

However, the WMA files are not appearing in my music player library...

Is this a bug or is there a way to have all music file types come into the music library?

I can play them individually from the file manager, but that is all :(

the problem could be, that here miuiandroid uses old files whit new libs the player needs to be set to read the files perfect, if you upddate libs and not update the app, you can play them whit 3party apps. i dont see it in the buildprop
Great! So is there a way that I can work around this to get it in the MIUI music library? I love that player and found that the players that support WMA aren't very nice to play with.