New [BUG] Video/Gallery issues in POCO F3 running


Jun 26, 2022
I'm currently using and I found another relevant bug. In fact, I think it may be two bugs but since they are directly related, I'm putting them together.
When using Gallery ( to open a video, it ignores the Default App settings and always open the ROM-bundled Mi Video (2023053102 (MiVideo-GP)). However, the App doesn't have permissions to access the storage AND there's no option to change the App permissions. Could it be due the App being bundled in the ROM?

In summary:
1. Gallery (from MIUI) doesn't respect Default Apps settings (mine is set to VLC and the file explorer I use - Amaze - open all videos correctly in VLC);
2. Mi Video can't access storage with no way to granting it the needed permissions.

If my memory doesn't fail me, didn't had this issue. Not sure about