Invalid XiaoAI aka xiaomi voice assistant bug


Feb 22, 2022
Phone model: Poco F3
MIUI version: = 22.2.19_v13-12
Problem im facing: So, i installed Xiami's voice assistant Mi Ai aka 小爱同学, when i try to open the app, it will close immediately. like open and close immediately not giving me a chance to even click anything or take a look. No errors reported. Not sure what caused this problem. I tried different ver of the rom, same issue.

Where did i get the app from ? Xiami's Get Apps (App) aka 小米应用商店。 (official app store from xiaomi)

If it is the app's issue, anyone please send me a working APK.
Anyone who is having the same problem or have this sorted out, please help me tysm.

Thanks for reading. much appreciated.

Igor Eisberg

Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
XiaoAI is not supported on our ROMs. Most related services and voice models are removed.
You are not supposed to use GetApps on our ROMs either, as it replaces system apps with unpatched ones.
Do understand that ROM is first and foremost intended for the European user base.