Mi 11 Ultra (Bricked?) - Please help


Jul 8, 2021

Today's morning my Mi 11 Ultra decided to brick itself(?) and now I can't turn it on, and the phone is stuck in a boot loop.
This case is hard to identify for me as this happened during watching YouTube (no updates, no interference in system files, nothing). I was just using my phone as usual, and it randomly turned itself off. Now I have no option to do anything. In a boot loop, there are no signs of loading the system or anything. It stays on the Mi logo for quite a while and then restarts itself.

What I tried so far:

Fastboot is working and doesn't crash the phone. The phone is recognized as "Android" under the Fastboot mode
TWRP is a hit or miss. Sometimes it crashes immediately, which means on the TWRP logo, sometimes it crashes during encrypting, and sometimes it lets me get in. Once I am in the TWRP the phone won't crash - I can stay there as long as I wish.

Now what I tried in TWRP:
Dalvik/Cache wipe works, but it doesn't change anything.
The data wipe doesn't work and crashes the phone immediately after running it.
Installing the image doesn't work and crashes the phone immediately after running it.
The backup doesn't work and crashes the phone immediately after running it
TWRP sees all the files on the phone and the correct size of the partition.
PC sees all the files on the phone while in TWRP, and I can copy or modify them without any problems.

I was running MIUI 13.0.13 stable since August 2022 without any problems. Since then I didn't do anything regarding the system/TWRP/whatever. It just happened randomly during daily usage. If this will help at all: the battery during the crash was at 97%, now it's at 100.

Every single time, no matter if it's on the Mi logo, in TWRP, or literally anywhere, the moment that when the phone crashes (restarts) whole screen blinks with a glitchy green pattern, for literally a split second. I'll attach the photo.

I saw some suggestions regarding the boot loop that might be worth a try installing the system through Fastboot, but should I do it without the wipe? I don't want to make this worse than it is right now.

Please, if anyone has any idea what could happen, or what can I do I will be really grateful.

Thank you.


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Have you tried to start in fastboot mode? If not, do this, test the connection in adb and install a fastboot rom,stable or weekly. In fastboot mode you can choose between first install oder update rom, but for you first install is important because of the errors. No need to wipe, this batch does it for you.
It restarts itself on a TWRP, on a new ROM, and basically on everything besides fastboot, so it seems like it's some hardware issue, sadly. Thanks for the reply anyway.

RIP Mi 11 Ultra 2021-2023
Did it happen to you suddenly just now? Or you know this problem for a while already? Unfortunately, I had no time to go to any repair shops this week, so I wonder maybe you know how much would it cost me to repair it.
Having the same issue exactly! happened Today, can access twrp, can flash using fastboot, not helping.. always MI screen and green pattern for a moment and again reboot it self.. ;-(
My 11 Ultra has been dead for over two months now. Now I can't even access TWRP anymore, only the logo. It is, unfortunately, a hardware issue.
If anyone has any idea how to debug it and get the log of the right moment it's doing the reset (the green flick that shows) as it seems from posts around the internet I'm not the first it's happening to him, I'm sure there is a way to figure it out ;/
Managed to solve it, if it would help anyone somehow worth a try.. it might be funny but seems it fixed it..
disconnected the secondary screen from the phone (pulled the backcover and disconnected the cable) and phone managed to boot! if screen is connected to the motherboard it would keep bootloop with green flicker.
My mi 11 ultra was bricked it was completely dead and only detects to pc as edl mode.. i tried all over the internet to flash it . finally one person i met in telegram fixed my mi 11 ultra now it is back in life again . telegram username:- @@xiaomiauthorizedflashing


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