Xiaomi.eu issues with using updater


May 5, 2023
Hi all,

I recently bought a xiaomi Redmi K60 pro with xiaomi.eu ROM preinstalled. I have an updater also preinstalled on the phone, but when I try to install the update by clicking 'select update file' and choosing the most recent update, it says 'phone will reboot to recovery and install update' and then it boots me into a chinese-language recovery mode with seemingly no option to install an update (options say Reboot, connect to MiAssistant, and safe mode).

How am I supposed to update? I have limited technological knowledge when it comes to this kind of thing, I think the bootloader is locked and I'm fairly sure TWRP isn't installed. I'd just like to use the phone as intended in an easy way, I don't like hacking any of my primary devices