Xiaomi.eu Rom Info

Apr 11, 2016

I'm new on Android and Xiaomi. My phone, Mi4 LTE, is pre-loaded with Android 6.0.1, "MIUI 7.3 by Xiaomi.eu 6.4.7 | Beta", on the updater app also appear "MIUI 6.4.7 | Weekly". It has Spanish language also.

Is my phone running the latest or previous stable version of this forum rom? or it is running an old weekly compilation?

Also I would like to know in which rom are based Xiaomi.eu roms, I have read something about China rom? Dev, release? Please a bit of info about could be great! :p

And last one, is OTA release enable for weekly and/or stable? How frequenly it happens?

I hope don't ask obvious things :)

Thank you so much!
Aug 22, 2015
Let me first tell you that the rom versions of developer weeklies are in year.month.day format. So your 6.4.7 is from 7 april 2016. So not really the latest version. Xiaomi.eu roms are based on china developer roms. OTA is enabled for both. However since some time ago the frequency changed from weekly OTA to once per month OTA. If you want to install weekly on friday you can always choose to download from here and update manually.
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