Xiaomi Eu Rom Uses Aptx!


Feb 6, 2017
I am on latest weekly build of xiaomi.eu (7.2.9) on a 128GB Mi5.

I was under the impression that the Mi5 didn't use the AptX codec as it isn't a listed device, but I connected my AptX Low-Latency BT headphones (Plantronics Backbeat Pro) and saw this in logcat:

i.imgur. com/EAeMrZc.jpg
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It says "btif_a2dp_encoder_init: Selected Codec AptX"

Does this mean that my phone has connected using AptX because xiaomi eu supports it?! I am amazed if so as everyone has said that Mi5 doesn't support it!


Sep 24, 2015
as far as i know , Mi5 doesnt have the license but recently guys from XDA/ LineageOS managed to implement it to the roms . Based on the latest commits done ont LOS 14.1 for Mi5 , it has been merged(available) .