Xiaomi/Honeywell smoke detector in EU, with Mijia hub


Aug 30, 2021
Hi everyone.

I have a Mijia hub that I bought in Norway and a few Xiaomi/Honeywell smoke detectors from China that I got on ebay.

I understand that these are not compatible since they are made for different regions, but I learned that too late so now I have these smoke detectors that I can't use in the app.

Is there any workaround to get them working with the app? I have Xiaomi vacuum cleaners and temperature/ humidity sensors already in the app, and I do not want to sacrifice them for the smoke detectors to work. I assume that is what would happen if I changed the server to China instead of Norway.

This is the hub I have:

This is the smoke detector:

Any suggestions?


May 2, 2014
Yes, you can use. But before, cancel the official app.

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