XIAOMI Vacuum-Mop Essential G1 MJSTG1 not activating WIFI 'mijia-vacuum-network' - impossible to connect to my phone app


Jun 9, 2022
Hello all,

after one yeay my XIAOMI Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential G1 Cleaner MJSTG1 stopped activating its own WI-FI 'mijia-vacuum-network' in order to pair with my phone so to connect to the XIAOMI HOME app.

When I press HOME + POWER BUTTON for 3 seconds I hear the sound 'WIFI RESET' but no wi-fi appear on the list on my phones.

- factory resetting using the reset button
- pressing HOME + POWER BUTTON
===> replaced wifi component and keyboard boards, no effect

- iphone SE
- iphone 6
- macbook pro

....there are no signs of the so called network 'mijia-vacuum-network'
It used to work well in the past. Now I am stuck with the vacuum speaking in chinese and without app control. Any suggestion? It is out of warranty.

Any help is appreciated.
I found this thread because I have exactly the same problem on my "Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential".

Here is my story:
My robot was working fine for about two years (warranty time). My warranty ends near the end of 2023. And exactly in on 20 February 2024 the MiHome application reported that the mop is offline. I was trying all procedures which was working in the past: resetting the WiFi by pushing the dock+power button for 3 seconds (the robot is telling me that WiFi has been reset and I have to connect to WiFi)... but no WiFi is available even If I move my android phone near the robot. I was tested this on two different android phones. No 'mijia....' WiFi network at all.

I was also trying to reset using the small reset button under the cover, and of course power it on/off multiple times - no difference.

If I am not the only one here, I am starting to wonder if it isn't more general problem :(

So you was physically replacing wifi board (pcb) in the robot?
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hello, I have the same problem with my xiaomi roborock vaccum after changing my phone. I needed a new account to unlock the cell phone. Now the Roborock can no longer be found in the Wi-Fi by the Home app, nor in the router. Of course, I reset the Wi-Fi on the Roborock and reset it to the factory settings. Result: no connection possible and he now speaks to me in English.