Xiaomi Mi 10T - Microphone problem


لديك نفس المشكلة ، أي حلول حتى الآن؟ ساعد إعادة ضبط المصنع لمدة 30 دقيقة فقط وعاد إلى الرياح مثل الأصوات العالية. في انتظار معرفة ما إذا كان بإمكاني إرسالها إلى Xiaomi للإصلاح ولكن لم يتمكن أي شخص آخر من المساعدة بصرف النظر عن ذلك.
مرحبًا ، لدي نفس المشكلة التي يواجهها الجميع هنا.
اعتقدت أنه الميكرويف الرئيسي. لوحة الدائرة السفلية. للأسف دون نجاح. سماع الصوت. إذا كان لدى أسنانه جيدة أخرى ، فسأكون سعيدًا ، لكن طبيب أسنان يساعد!
Hello. give feedback if it works for you. I have tried the same without success. nothing helped.
Well you 're right,
miui_APOLLOGlobal_V13.0.8.0.SJDMIXM_e86655b0ec_12.0 did not fix the problem,
miui_APOLLOGlobal_V13.0.6.0.SJDMIXM_40c6c78c8f_12.0 and miui_APOLLOGlobal_V13.0.7.0.SJDMIXM_981d06bda7_12.0 did not start (maybe I must do a clean flash but I do not have the time).
I currently have the first installed again, but still no luck.
Hello everyone.
I had the same problem on mi10t pro
I solved the problem by installing miui 14 from the xda forum.
Unlock bootloader, install trwp 3.7, and then install https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-miui-23-1-9-eliterom-miui-14-a13-for-xiaomi-mi-10t- pro.4394409/
(if it appears in TWRP that it did not install the rom correctly, format DATA, restart twrp and install the rom again)
p.s. The camera doesn't work well, but you can install *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* it is some...

and i fund this
Any luck? Also having this issue now. I think it must be software related. The problem happens whether using the phone microphone or Bluetooth headphones so it's not the phone's mic.
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Hello everyone,
Few days back I started having same microphone issues with my Mi 10T Pro (MIUI-V13.0.12.0.SJDEUXM). Namely the microphone doesn't work when I'm making cellular phone calls, for google assistant and for two guitar tuner apps I've use (gString & waves). However the microphone works without any
problem for WhatsApp, Viber and when I'm recording sound.

Also doing phone call with my Huawei GT2 watch works and using Google Pixel Buds Pro, also Google assistant is working over Pixel Buds.

Restarting phone helps for a 30ish minutes, I've factory reset my phone as well and that also worked for 1-2 days, and now once again it stopped. The last update seem to messed things quite a bit, and I hope there will be solution from Xiaomi soon, because I was thinking of buying some newer Xiaomi model but after these issues I'm having second thoughts.
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Same problem here. I can't believe that Xiaomi didn't provide a solution..this is very disappointing.
C'est sans doute un défaut lié à des chutes de l'appareil qui ont provoqué un décalage de la coque et de la carte mère et qui crée des interférences...