New Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: MIUI 14 update, no longer able to activate Windows Defender (Battery optimization related)


Jan 19, 2023
Hi all,

I'm currently on the latest stable version of MIUI 14 on my Mi 11 Ultra.

To use Teams and Outlook etc from my company, I need to use Microsoft Defender. When setting up this app, it gets stuck on the battery optimization step. I select "No restrictions", but the windows defender does not accept it and keeps asking to change this setting. Anyone know a workaround?

Kind regards,

I learned a workaround which was to install Microsoft Defender in Personal Profile and set the battery optimization to "No restriction". The reason is that the work apps don't show in the app battery saver list. This seems to set the same for the MS Defender app in the work profile and the setup completed without issues.

Hope this helps!