1. shayba666

    New SOLUTION to "insert sd card before using camera"

    I got my MI 11 pro couple of days ago and found out that I can not upgrade my ROM. From MIUI 12.5 directly to 14.0.13 as my Upgrade app suggested, it just didn't work. Long story short, in two days I performed first ROM flashing in my life a series of upgrades going from 12.5 to 13 and then 14...
  2. V

    Restore Original Photo without AI

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I'm on the right place, but I have an Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G with the latest Xiaomi.EU Rom. I took a photo using the Camera App and AI was enabled at this moment. Unfortunately, the AI destroyed some Faces. Is there any way to get the Original Photo without AI...
  3. X


    I installed the rom recently MIUI for my Redmi note 10 pro, and the selfie camera stopped working, it stopped working for all applications
  4. Y

    Can i disable audio recording on mi camera 360?

    Can i disable audio recording on mi camera 360? I mean for the 24h auto loop recording. Thank you.
  5. U

    New MI 10T Camera not working

    Hi, My MI10T has a problem with the camera, at first the photos were blurry with the rear cam (since February 21, 2023), the front worked normally. So I changed the rear cameras (I thought they were damaged), still the same problem so I reset the phone, and the rear and front cameras no longer...
  6. W

    New Cannot connect to camera (rear camera)- Mi 13 Ultra (ISHTAR)

    Rear camera is not working. It's a China variant of Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Flashing from China official build. Front facing camera is working.
  7. S

    Xiaomi Smart Camera C400 Problem with nas connection

    good day in advance, sorry for my english, I'm from the Czech Republic. I would like to ask today, I bought a xiaomi C400 camera, everything works except that when I want to connect the camera to Nas, this option does not even appear, does anyone know what to do with it? I couldn't find...
  8. Slaay

    New [Lisa / Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE] Camera app not using precise location anymore

    Since MIUI 14 stable the Camera app doesn't add the precise location to my pictures (except when being at home and using Wi-Fi). Most of the time the geotagged location is about 100 till 500 meters from the real location. Things I've already tried to fix the problem: - Restart the phone -...
  9. A

    Xiaomi 12S Ultra - Camera not that good?

    Hello everyone! I'm not that happy with my 12S Ultra camera quality. Most pictures turn out blurry in the gallery even if they look good and focused while taking it. Also it seems to me that it's pretty hard to nail a decent photo, something that was easy enough with my last phone, a Redmi...
  10. R

    Xiaomi Camera Blurred

    Hello, On my Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra my camera (main) have blurred image all the time. i tried to change app, install firmware again(12.5.6), but nothing is solving it. - camera was working fine for a year with same Rom version- I think something is wrong with the camera but dont know if it is...
  11. S

    New Poco X3 Pro Flashlight Issue

    With the most recent major phone update, my torch/flashlight seems to have broken even though it's still there as an option. It doesn't turn as a torch and it does not turn on when using flash for pictures. Any similar experiences or solutions to the problem?
  12. E

    Does fixes Snapchat/Instagram camera quality?

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone knows if the fixes the issue with the bad quality camera on snapchat or instagram? Any feedback is appreciated I know the issue is more related to camera1/2 api and the apps itself but there is something wrong with the 11T Pro. I have a Mi 8...
  13. I

    No 2x lens video recording - bug? - Mi 10 Ultra

    Hello! I have been unable to get the MIUI camera app to record video with the 2x zoom lens. It switches automatically between the 0.5x/1x/5x lens, which is fantastic, but it never uses the 2x lens - zoom from 2x to 4.9x still uses the 1x lens. This looks really bad above 3x zoom and is quite...
  14. Birraque

    MIUI EU Stock Camera vs *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* BSG PV4

    Hi Poco F3 Owners, I would like to share with you a brief comparison of the MIUI EU Stock Camera vs *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* BSG PV4 (MGC_8.1.101_A9_PV4_MGC + IronHrt_Infinity_V1.1.xml). Stock Camera: *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*: Stock Camera: *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*: Stock Camera: *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*: All shots were taken with same settings, time and zero...
  15. T

    New [MIUI 13.0.5 MI 11 PRO] camera broken

    hello I have a problem, when I use my front camera there is a lot of glitch can someone tell me if this is a bug or it's just my phone please?
  16. Z

    Xiaomi EC2 Record

    Hi there I just buy 4 Xiaomi EC2 cameras and hub Everything work ok. But I have question about recording. These cameras only record when motion is noticed, and only few seconds, 10-15-20seconds. I wonder is there any way to record 24/7, through mi app. Or on some other way, through some site or...
  17. B

    Poco F3

    Probably the most disappointing thing about the Poco F3 is it's camera. I knew it was going to be not good but this is really bad. This is something for Xiaomi to tackle but does anyone here know if Xiaomi plans to address the camera? Does have the tools and expertise to tackle this...
  18. H

    New Camera crashes on latest stable hmnote7 eu

    Please the issue of camera app crashing still remain in the latest stable update of hmnote7 stable . the camera app hangs...even when used with other apps like what'sapp or any app with camera access.. also, please admin can you help patch the camera file from previous stable build to fix this...
  19. M

    Xiaomi.EU ROM Camera EIS Performance

    I'm using a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (not Redmi Note 10) as my main phone. Ever since I bought this phone 1.5 years ago the video camera has always stuttered and dropped frames during recording. My family purchased three of these phones at the same time - they all suffer from the same issue, and I've...
  20. iYannos

    Mi 9SE camera doesnt work

    When i open the camera i get a camera error couldnt connect to camera. Im running latest stable rom. Ive tried clearing cache and data and some other things