1. maksz

    Invalid Settings Leftover

    When I touch "Front camera effects", an empty activity is launched. Mi Max 3 Beta 9.6.20
  2. P

    New Redmi note 7 (4/64) front camera lag motion

    Hi guys, today I buy new Redmi note 7 (no pro), when i unpack them and try front camera, it was lag motion. I try reboot and clear app cache but nothing. Rear is fine, motion is realtime and everything goes fine but front has I think 0,2 to 0,4 s delay. Sometimes more. Have anyone idea what is...
  3. D

    New Redmi Note 7 Global Version Sound bug

    Hello Xiaomi....I just buy a Redmi Note 7 Global version with MIUI V10.2.3.0.PFGEUXM When i record a video with stock camera app in club or on concert sound is terrible...There is many crackling sound and distorted sound.This is very bad.That bug is still here even with new devices...I have same...
  4. vlachorumsapiens

    Best Google Camera for Redmi Note 7 Pro

    Redmi Note 7 Pro is arguably the best mid-range camera smartphone money can buy. The Sony IMX586 sensor is capable of delivering amazing photos even in the most difficult lighting conditions, and while the stock camera app already does a fine job, why not push the sensor to the very limits to...
  5. E

    New Camera bug

    Whyred 9.3.28 Sometimes some pictures take with stock camera adds a weird filter, i attach a normal and "broken" picture
  6. jlcfreitas

    Mi 9 Camera glass cracked

    Hi, my device is not even 2months old when i found today that my camera glass is cracked, i do guarantee that it was never dropped or thrown over something. how can i proceed to get a new glass or at least repair it? should even sapphire glass crack on normal use?
  7. MarcPedro

    Ai manual mood on Whyred Redmi Note 5 Pro

    Hello developer's, I just noticed we Whyred (Redmi Note 5 Pro) not have received yet the (option to activate the AI artificial intelligence on our incredible cameras (such like the model name says (we have Ai cameras) but I already asking. Where's that option? Or it was everything fake news from...
  8. G

    Invalid Bug Camera

    Hello all. 1- open camera 2- click 3 lines 3- Select scene And look scene and zoom icons in a row.
  9. Shaonbd

    Invalid Video Recording not works redmi 6 pro

    Video Recording not works redmi 6 pro after updating latest xiaomi eu pie rom. Also Uc browser not connected to the internet. please fix this problem in next update.
  10. G

    Install GCam on Redmi 5a

    Hello guys, I have installed miui 10 global rom w/ TWRP and i dont find a way to work the GCam.
  11. T

    Any method to get Camer2 Api on Oreo?

    Hello guys. I have a Mi note3, and i want to use some 3rd party camera apps (like FilmicPro, Manual camera, Gcam...) Back on 7.1 there was a possibility to activate, and use the power of Camera2 Api. Now, i'm on Oreo (weekly) and this rom does not contain the Camera2 Api. :( Libs are missing...
  12. J

    Camera quality lower than rom Global

    I tested and compared the camera with the Global version 9.6.2. The camera in the global rom has proven superior, and the improvement in low light works right, unlike the that seems to stay connected constantly making them blurry, both day and night, stable is the same thing...
  13. J

    Photo in low quality and enhancement in low light constantly on

    For some time now I have noticed that the "Enhance photos in low light automatically" feature, once activated, modifies like photos during the day or any other lighting condition, but this has not always been the case. Should not the effect be automated only in low-light environments? This is...
  14. pi4a7a

    New Mix 2S Camera Noise AGAIN 8.8.3

    Photos have grain and noise in the corners even in 100 ISO (Stock camera app) This is something a cheap $50 phone will have. I don't know what camera improvements you did but they are awful. Had the same issue on Mi6, no one bet and eye. Hopefully someone will on this high-end flagship...
  15. B

    Any changes about camera between xiaomi eu rom vs miui developer rom for redmi note 5 ai?

    Hello bro and sis. I would like to change from miui 10 china dev rom to xiaomi eu rom because I want to have more functions in camera. Redmi note 5 only come with two options in camera manual mode, but I want to take low expoure photos. Thanks.
  16. I

    When we can expect 1080p 60fps for Mi5s!!!! (((

    When we can expect 1080p 60fps for Mi5s?????
  17. S

    Aqara Hub IP Camera night vision (infrared) sensitivity

    hi Guys, i have the new Aqara HUB IP Camera, it's perfect and awesome but just one thing that is missing, the adjustment of the light sensor. what happen now that it's switching to night vision if my living room light is off but once i'm turning on the tv and there is bright background it's...
  18. Ko Wunna

    Front camera portrait mode working in MIUI 10 v8.7.17.

    Front camera portrait mode is working in latest beta v8. 7.17. http://******
  19. P

    New Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Dual camera not working

    I discovered a bug on 8.7.12. Our Mix 2S has a second camera that is an optic zoom 2x. On chinese MIUI 9 when i press on 2x on the camera the main camera is deactived and the secondary actived. On 8.7.12 instead the main camera remain active also pressing on 2x or manually zoom. I tested...
  20. J

    I Want To Downgrade To Nougat

    I installed 8.3.8 Oreo last weak, and besides some lag here and there, I like the ROM. The problem is that portrait mode in front cam on PixelCameraMod doesn't work, and that's a deal breaker for me. Is there a way of making the portrait mode mork, or to downgrade to Nougat? I would...