Xiaomi Mi2 for sale in London,UK!

Dec 25, 2012
Hi guys,

not sure whether I am allowed to advertise my Mi2 for sale so apologies in advance , moderator please delete if I am not...

Its 2 weeks old Mi2 running QDT10 on both systems,rooted,unlocked to any UK operator.

Fully boxed with all accs + 3100 mAh Battery for free

Original screen stickers still on!

Genuine reason for sale - I am blackberry fen so I decided to try touch screen only device - not working for me, went back to BB9900 hence the reason for sale.

If interested please contact me on : bako.li@live.com

Thank you
Feb 20, 2013
You forgot to put a price surprise me and make it not a rip off unlike eBay sellers who have them in UK! :D