Xiaomi MI2

Dec 30, 2010
The prototype design that was leaked is the front of an Meizu MX, and the back of Galaxy S III. I sure hope they change that, and dont act as any KIRF company.
Mar 29, 2012
I'm confused about the RAM... Now, is it DDR2 or DDR3?
Yeah im starting to think that Android-sale.com started the sale and info a little too soon since Xiaomi have no info about the phone yet and nobody else has conformed specs only rumours and test phones and no solid proof yet.

So it might be that the info i posted and thought was correct since it did come from android-sale.com and they are a legit and good shop just got ahead of them self this time or they just now more then other sites :)

So i hope others that read this take all the info details about the phone with a pinch of salt and going to update the thread when more hard evidence about the phone and specs comes from multiple sites :)

But if you google Xiaomi M2 you will get a video on youtube of the phone and a lot of pictures of what "could" be the finished phone :cool:
Mar 29, 2012
You probably would love it when you see and try it but it might sound to much but will probably look very nice :)
Really hope the battery dont go to hell since its quad core. Maybe they have some sort of sleep mode so not all 4 core runs 24/7 and all 4 are only used when needed. The biggest i think with quad core is if the games and apps are built for quad core since pc games and programs need to have quad core support to use it at 100% and think i read somewhere that this was not always so easy to do.

But they probably it thought out so it will look and work nice without killing battery life :)


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Nov 6, 2010
Few facts for you guys:

1. That site is giving fake details.
2. The phone will feature a Qualcomm Quadcore CPU, likely the APQ8064
3. Will be 720P Resolution, i'd say larger than 4"
4. The phone will look nothing like the previous MI-ONE Plus, it will lend from some of its features though :)
5. Nothing concrete is being said yet, announcements are likely to happen anywhere from August to October 2012.