New Xiaomi Mi4 Freezes And Reboots On Standard Mode

Dec 6, 2015
Hey, i bought a Xiaomi Mi4 earlier this month and i installed the latest rom from this website and i noticed that it suddently hangs and restarts when i'm on balanced mode, sometimes on idle, sometimes multitasking, checking contacts, etc, it is random, but the problem seems to be fixed when i turn on performance mode, but it drains battery faster, i've tried a clean install, wipe data, cache, official miui rom, different rom versions, fastboot, the thermal file change, and it still persists, i'm currently using the cancro version 5.12.3, does anyone know how to fix this issue?
I'm hopping that the next update (the marshmallow) will solve this issue but it is very weird still
Please give me a hand here, thanks
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Aug 22, 2015
Where did you buy it from? If you only bought it a month ago I would go back to my reseller as it should still be covered by warranty, since this doesn't really sound like a software problem.