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Sep 10, 2016
Good morning friends of the group my query is the following about half a year ago I bought the xiaomi mi8 and I installed the version at that time that was for the same of xiaomi eu (xiaomi 10 last weekly version), at the same time that I acquired the device too I bought the roidmi 3s to connect it in my car the problem is the following, when I connected my xiaomi to the roidmi and made calls, when they called me or when I made them, the voice was not heard via Bluetooth, that is to say in the car speakers , but if I put it in a headset or speaker of the same device that is to say the Xiaomi Mi8 just got to hear the voice, but I just let it happen thinking that it was a problem of roodmi and yesterday I bought the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker which already has a built-in microphone to make calls this time I have my xiaomi mi8 updated to the latest version of miui 11 My question is the following to several users with the d Is this device happening to Xiaomi Mi8? or is it just my person ?, and if it is only me who recommend me to do since they are already two devices that do not accept me correctly the hands-free operation
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Sep 30, 2018
I got also a problem with my Bluetooth on my mi 8 on car stereo, the media seems to stutter every 1 second, I did not have this problem on the early builds of MIUI 10. Other phones play media normally on my car Bluetooth. Tried everything from resetting phone to changing codecs in developer options but nothing seems to work.