Xiaomi Premium Cloud or Google Drive Paid - that WAS the Question !


Apr 14, 2017

I just wanted to ask, what did you prefer, paid xiaomi cloud service or paid google drive, (to sync photos)
cause I am using the 50GB xiaomi premium service for 98 HK (~13 Euro /Year) for the last two years. now i was thinking about switching to paid google drive...

But a few moments ago I did google about it, whats better and I found this:

So xiaomi will stop the gallery sync in 2023 ?! is that right ? they will sync the miui gallery to google photos in the next month.

So all considerations have been settled whether I stay with Xiaomi Cloud or switch to Google photos.

Did someone from the team know, when the Miui Gallery app wil get the feature to sync everything to Google drive ?
(my xiaomi subscriptions runs till 24th. november)
As Igor said, we don't receive such information, but AFAIK Xiaomi already released Global version of Gallery app with that option (although it may be not visible for you until Xiaomi activates it remotely for your region). We don't know if and when Xiaomi will push a China version of Gallery with that option, but considering mainland China has been excluded from the Xiaomi's list, it might not be even included in that APK.
Small update: China ROM Gallery app ( also received Google Photos migration code, so if Xiaomi activates migration period for your Xiaomi Account region (in Europe likely from February), then it will be available (also on xiaomi.eu ROM).
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