Xiaomi watch 2 PRO Battery Drain


Feb 7, 2024

was wondering if other ppl also have noticed unreasonable battery drain / life in the Xiaomi watch 2 PRO ? .. I define it as one day it only looses 45 % in 24 hours, one moment i go to sleep and loose 70% when i wake up.. That is also with sleep mode on as in no screen or notifications presenting.. I already changed watch faces many times to rule that out, also rebooting etc..

I also notice that the heart rate sensor is sometimes not going out, keeps blinking what ever setting i use ( 1 min interval / 30 minutes, doesnt matter ).. Perhaps it has something to do with it..

Any similair experiences ?
If anyone ever has the same issue.. The only for me to fix this was to put Heart Rate sensor to "smart"... All other options made de battery drain... With "smart" as setting i get 30% / day battery ( so i can do 3 days with it )..