Xiaomi watch (S1 active) notification keeps popping up


Jan 11, 2020
Hi, need help before I'm losing my mind with this nonsense

I keep getting the same notification popping up on my watch for every single thing (like 100 times a day)
"Background service for providing service in the background"

How do I get rid of it /disable it / solve it? it's really making me want to stop using the watch
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I have similar problem. If I get an email and don't read it. I get a notification on my watch every ten minutes or so. I can get like 50 notificaitons for the same email. I don't want to exclude Gmail from notifications, but I don't want to get spammed too.

Currently I only allow a number of apps to send notifications to my phone. I believe when this setting was set to "allow all notificaitons" there were no problem with the unread emails.

I want to be able to limit amount of apps that can send notificaitons but also not to get spammed with 50 notifications for 1 unread email.