Xiomi.eu Beta vs Stabel rom


Jul 17, 2021
I would like to have experiences from you .at the moment I use the xiaomi.eu stable Rome because I only have one cell phone and it has to be stable. Now my question is the beta rom really beta so there are a lot of crashes, many errors, maybe there are no errors or crashes? because I also read on redit that bugs are fixed much faster in the beta version than in the stable version. is the beta version also fully translated into e.g. German I mean when e.g. with a beta now a jues feature is added is this translated into German (and other languages)?


Jul 26, 2021
Well i have been using the Stable version the past week but this week i decided to start using the Weekly version, the weekly version actually feels more stable to me, the phone is snappier and with China's newest features.

Weekly version is MIUI 12.6, stable version is 12.5 so in general the UI feels more polished, but still you could get bugs with weekly ROM, but bugs get fixed rather quickly since you get a weekly update.