Youtube App as default? Is it possible?


Aug 11, 2011

If i open a youtube video in browser or in Facebook app my phone will open it with browser and not with youtube app. It doesn´t ask which i want... I already went to manage apps and try to clear defaults but no luck... that option is grey out and no default app is selected to youtube videos but they always play in browser!
I think it depends on the browser. I use dolphin browser, and when clicking a YouTube link it gives the option to use the app.
Yes, I have the same problem since I updated from some older version to 3.12.15
It is really annoying issue for browser links. I tried installing different versions of Chrome, disabling the standard Browser, but it still opens the YouTube links inside the Chrome Browser without asking to open it in YouTube App. I guess I will switch back to some 3.11.xx version until this problem gets solved. Good luck to the others!
Just freeze or delete default browser app, then you'll get dialog box. Proved with Chrome, don't know about other apps.

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There is a better way to do this, but it's well hidden.
Goto settings >> apps >> cached apps >> default app settings.
Here you can set default apps, set browser to chrome.
If you open a youtube link you will be asked which app to use, select youtube app.
These settings stay the same after every update so you don't have to freeze/delete the browser everytime you update