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    New Cannot activate sim card for xiaomi cloud, Mi 9t pro, miui 12.0.3 stable, clean install.

    Coming from Europe EAA official stable rom 12.0.2. I did a complete clean install, factory reset in twrp, format data, everything else is working fine, but i cannot activate the sim card, some problem with the sms apparently, and i cant verify my number, and cant sync my message history and call...
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    Hi I have an issue on mi pt pro. I flashed the latest stable coming from global eaa. I used factory reset in twrp and then format data. Zip installed normally without error. But now some apps, when I first run them, and they ask for permissions, the display the first popup for permission and...
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    MULTI 5.9.1/2 Mi Recovery for Mi4 pulled from the latest 5.9.1 china developer fastboot zip. Flashed the zip 100% correctly on my Mi4, where cwm and twrp failed.
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    MULTI 5.9.1/2

    thanks for the info! i also saw on a previous post you mentioned it no longer flashes with cwm, so only stock mi recovery or i can use TWRP too? I like twrp better, so can you let me know if there are any issues by flashing with TWRP?
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    MULTI 5.9.1/2

    Cancro build recompiled? I had already downloaded before, then came back to check md5 and the download was gone, and replaced just now with a new link with different md5. What is the correct one? Wating for confirmation before i flash. Thanks!
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    [rom]-- Smiui Rom -- Ultimate Custom Rom --[multilang,stable/weekly]

    Hi, i am new here, and considering flashing the next release of sMiUi v7, 5.8.20 on my Mi4. I was wondering if someone can help me understand the default tweaks of normal version for cancro, because i think the normal version is easier to maintain up to date with OTA, compared to the version...