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    With the same problem, Fastboot with persist.img file !
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    Thanks you for this update on RN3 Pro, even with Android 6.0 but with security patch of July 2018 !
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    MIUI 9.6 8.4.26/8.5.3/8.5.4/8.5.8/8.5.10/8.5.17/8.5.24

    I'll stay with 8.4.19 on my RN3 Pro (root, no Xposed) & splitted options.
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    OK also for me ! No problem for my RN3 Pro with this ROM, root and no Xposed
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    GOOD job ! Icons re-appear in status bar, for my RN3 Pro... Also, Split screen still works since last ROM.
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    MIUI 9.6 with ROM
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    Since 8.4.4, Split screen works on my RN3 Pro
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    Same for my RN3 ;)
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    Thanks for "split screen" option, available for RN3 !
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    8.1.25 V2

    No more Sensors on my Redmi Note 3 Pro ! Mi scanner OK, Mi Cloud not working !
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    No problem with FasterGPS on my rooted RN3 Pro...
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    On my RN3 Pro : Bug when I try to connect to Mi Cloud, after Parameters options ? java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTask$3.done( at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.finishCompletion( at...
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    Now, I can add widget on my Home Screen on my RN3 kenzo ! Since a long time, now I can simply do that ! Thanks you for the ROM, and merry Xmas to the team ...
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    Doing the same for months on my RN3 Kenzo : no problems !
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    MIUI 9.1 7.11.16

    MIUI statusBar PRO, center Clock and 6 more STYLES ! http://forum.********.com/general-development-f34/app-miui-statusbar-pro-t752.html