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    MULTI 4.10.10

    Is there anything new in nexus 5 this week? Coz the changelog only shows updates for V6.
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    MULTI 4.9.19

    Looking at the changelog, i would like to ask if there are any changes/improvements for any non-xiaomi devices anymore?
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    MULTI 4.9.5

    Was the non-invasive calling mode removed or I am missing something in settings?
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    MULTI 4.7.4

    Thought MIKEY was going to be a user app so that we can uninstall it easily. This week it was included as a system app. Tried to uninstall it through titanium backup. But it still shows and even opens. But when you tap anywhere inside it crashes. So now it is not completely removed and also does...
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    Was finally able to install the ROM, but am not able to open the phone or contact app. Am getting error. When i tap on send to xiaomi this is what i am getting.
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    Thanks for the fix. As for the OTA, it is mentioned in the OP, due to some rule changes from xiaomi, you would not be able to get OTA.
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    So that's four of us now with an installation error on Nexus 5. Please look into it. THanks
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    Using same version CWM recovery as shown in the link provided. Do you have a suggestion for any particular recovery?
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    There is some kind of error with the nexus 5 file. Wiped everything, and during installing got this message: "set_perm: some changes failed E: Error in /data/media/0/ (status 7) Installation aborted" Need your intervention. thanks. PS: MD5 was checked and properly matched.
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    Links to GAPPS are not given and also instructions do not mention installing GAPPS separately. Do we not have to install them separately anymore? I will be doing a complete wipe, does that matter? Nexus 5.
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    Great...charging my phone now.......
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    MULTI 4.5.30

    So, they are officially releasing nexus 5 today. Will we be seeing it with your team's embellishment today?? More than the official release i am more excited to see your love in it :)
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    MULTI 4.3.21

    I am here after a long time but it's never taken this long for Roms to upload. Is it because of the number of devices have gone up? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    MULTI 4.3.14

    Can i ask if they have already started working on miui v6 for nexus 5. No ETAs just wanna know if it is in the pipeline. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    New Wifi draining battery

    My setting is wifi on only when plugged in.