android 11

  1. P

    New Android versions on my old mi 9 se phone

    New Android versions on my old mi 9 se phone will be automatically installed (in order to replace Android 9 and MIUI 10), or have I to install it using internet tutorial with ROM update ?
  2. Luisbelmont

    Bootloader unlock for Xiaomi 12X Global ROM Android 12 MIUI 13

    Is the bootloader unlocking process is the same for Android 11 and Android 12. Thank you.
  3. sergiomc

    New Can't connect WIFI 5GHz - MI10T - EU Stable V12.5.7 Android 11

    Hello good evening, I have a problem with my Xiaomi MI10T using the EU Stable with Android 11. For a while now, it disconnects from the 5GHz Wifi, and when I want to reconnect, it won't let me, I get a "Trying" message and then nothing happens. In the end, the WIFI option remains open, but it no...
  4. VeryGooDiS

    Help me deal with phone updates

    Good day community. Sorry if my text contains errors due to the automatic translator. I bought a phone Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (12/256) with your MIUI "MIUI 12.6 by 21.9.1 Beta" (initially there was a Chinese version as far as I understand), Android 11. Code name "Star". And I faced the...
  5. rogerwindberg

    Resolved Santander Way (Banking app) doesn't work any more on A11

    Hi, I used MiUI Global V12.0.2.0.RCXMIXM on my Redmi Note 8T (willow) and decided to migrate to a Custom ROM. After installing ( V12.0.2.0.RCXMIXM), my bank application no longer works. When I open the application it quickly shows a red screen (in the bank theme) indicating that it...
  6. LikMaw

    (MI10T) Can't save TWRP, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery

    Hi everyone. I've been trying to install this ROM for two days but I've founded some problems in my way. I can install TWRP on my phone through fastboot and it it boots, but when I enter the system and then try to get into recovery another time, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery. Why does...
  7. LikMaw

    Android 11 to Android 12

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I was wondering if it is necessary to do something when updating from Android 11 to 12. Do I have to do something different or just update normally? Thanks. Edit: I'm on stable
  8. J

    Should I update my POCO X3 NFC device?

    I just downgraded my phone from a global rom with the android 11 version but it contains so many bugs that I chose to downgrade it to this xiaomi,eu rom from this forum. I hear that this one might contain some of the bugs that the global rom have so I am making sure to know the difference so I...
  9. C

    Help me please! Infinite loop Redmi note 9 pro global

    Somebody know how to fix boot splash loop in Redmi note 9 pro? The phone starts by 5s and reboot, can't open recovery or fastboot mode by buttons combinations or ADB I installed: On Redmi note 9 pro 6/64 global, normal variant.
  10. N

    Need help with downgrading

    Hi, I have poco F2 pro. Last week I updated to MIUI 12.5.2 and Android 11. However, I regret this decision because of small inconveniences. 1) Digital Wellbeing's Focus Mode does not work properly anymore. I still receive notification sounds even if Focus Mode is turned on. It was working...
  11. jowslive

    QFJMIXM - Any dates Android 11?

    Hey guys! I have noticed that "V12.1.4.0.RFJMIXM" was released but I can't install it on my device because my device has the "QFJMIXM" version. Can I somehow change from "QF" to "RF"? If this is not possible, do you guys know if there's a possible date for the new "QF" version to be released...
  12. FakeKeep

    How to update the new version of MI11?

    The subsequent MI11 version package does not have a fastboot version, how to update it?
  13. samirglima

    How will I update my device from now on? (Mi 9T Pro)

    Hi guys, before my mi 11, I had a mi 9T Pro (K20 Pro) with global ROM and switched to stable. When I gave my cell phone to my mother I put the global again and so far so good (it's currently in version 12.0.6, android 10). The "problem" started when the phone no longer updates over the...
  14. V

    Upgrade to android 11?

    Hi, I'm using MI9 with Global Stable rom android 10 right now but it is boring for me. I really want to try android 11 custom roms, cause roms for android 10 are mostly leaved by devs. What should I do? Install miui or do I need update to android 11 first? Thanks to all of You:)
  15. somactoth

    RN8 MIUI12.5 ROM for RN8T

    Hey everybody! Is the Android 11 MIUI 12.5 ROM for ginkgo Note 8t good to install for the Note 8T? There's almost no difference between the two phones. If not, is a 12.5 MIUI ROM for the 8T? Thanks!
  16. P

    Read/Write Filesystem and root on Xiaomi Mi 11.

    Hi everyone, My name is Pavel. I am new to the forums. I apologize if I am asking in the wrong place. Could you direct me to the right place if I am. I am doing research on Mobile hardware. I am looking to buy Xiaomi Mi 11 global version (I am in Canada) and collect hardware performance...
  17. A

    New redmi k20/Mi 9T, 5Ghz hotspot on latest 2021 Stable

    cant turn on 5GHz hotspot!!! This bug appears again after android 11 stable update but turning on 5Ghz hotspot doesn't gives any errors but it simply makes a typical 2.4Ghz hotspot My region is australia but doesnt work after changing it to France ,.... too as u can see in the screenshot it...
  18. R

    Mi 10t lite - MIUI 12.5 - Google assistant problem

    Hi, Just updated from LOS to MIUI 12.5 running android 11. When I'm trying to turn on the Google Assistant "Hey google" recognition, it automatically turns off. -There's no autostart option for Google app -There's no Google Assistant independent app -Tried uninstalling and re-installing Google...
  19. B

    New Bluetooth issues since android 11 update

    Hello everybody, its my first thread in my life, so please be kind If i'm making any mistake :) Since I updated my Mi 10 Pro to the android version 11, I have really big issues with my bluetooth connectivity with my car. Before I updated my phone I once paired my phone with my car and everytime...
  20. K

    Mi9T Migrate Xiaomi.EU Android 10 to Xioami.EU Android 11 without data loss

    Hey everyone, I have Xiaomi Mi9T with Xiaomi.EU ROM latest update September with Android 10, after that it migrated to Mi9T Model to Xiaomi.EU Android 11 version, but as far as I know, you should re -flash the device and loose all your data. My question is: is there a way to migrate without...