battery issue

  1. R

    Invalid Xiaomi 11T Pro battery issues

    Hi guys, i have my 11T Pro now for around 10 days. For the most part im enjoying it. The only thing i noticed and is very annoying is that my battery drains very fast at the end of batterylife. For example the last 30% lasts only around 10 minutes maybe and the last 20% lasts 5 minutes. All...
  2. J

    New Extreme Battery Drain Mi9t since MIUI 12.

    Hello, i use the Xiaomi mi9T and updated it with miui 12. ( I used the updated for like 8 days. after the update i have a terrible battery drain. Android system consumes about 30 % of the battery. Does somebody know the solution??? Kind regards, JJ
  3. O

    Battery in Mi 9 t pro/ K20 pro probably not working, also fingerprint reader not work

    Hi, i have my xiaomi by September 2019. He fall down many times. Around September this year he fall in bad way, on corner o the screen to hard surface. I gave him to service, they change glass and lcd, it all work good since last week when he fall again but maybe 80 to 70 cm on ground by flat, i...
  4. N

    New Battery Issue after Update

    Hello Everyone. ;) Im new in the thread and need some help. Can someone explain why my Battery is draining so much ? After the Update i can use the device only for 3 or 4 hours to start charging it. With the Version 12.0.5 was everything fine. After the Update to 12.0.6 i got this: Device...
  5. E

    New Bug with battery percentage icon

    Hey, I've got a mi8. After the latest update being installed (9.3.28) I'm facing a strange bug. If you look at the notification bar you will see a battery with green status that indicates charging process but if I swipe down there will be a normal indicator without any charging processes. What...
  6. zagrobelny

    Invalid Battery indicator percentage in every dev rom

    You can`t enable the battery percent option next to the battery symbol in every dev rom This option occurs in the global firmware in xiaomi and all version of android any rom and every smartphone brand. Can you add this option? Very useful if someone has poor eyesight. The percentage...