1. CrossArisa

    ¿Is it possible to downgrade?

    Is it possible to downgrade on Redmi 9T? Greetings I hope you are well, I have the following doubt, grateful for your time to read and answer! My redmi 9T (Codename: Lime) natively has android 10 MIUI 12 It is possible to downgrade android 10 to android 9, my reason is that I believe that...
  2. T

    Can I install MIUI12 stable rom even if I already have the stock MIUI12 with Android 10?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I hope I'm posting it in the right place. My phone was updated to MIUI12 and Android 10 some weeks ago. I am using the global version of the stock rom but I want to try, however it seems that's based on Android 9, and currently I have Android...
  3. I

    Downgrade from MIUI 12.5 back to MIUI 10 and Android 9

    Hi, so I'm using the MI 9T with the latest 12.5 beta. Thing is everything after MIUI 10 has been draining my battery and latest MIUI 12 updates are killing SOT. I'm considering reverting all the way back to the last MIUI 10 version I could as back then the phone managed about 9hrs SOT while I...
  4. C

    New Mi 10 miui12 update bug and downgrade twrp

    Hello, I installed the stable ROM with Android 11 and MIUI 12 for mi10 today. All apps bent and hung after 6 seconds iteration. Then installed the old version from the USB using the update function. At the end of this he goes back to the TWRP and wants permission to modify the file...
  5. T

    Switching to Stable Global or even though I have ARB-protection

    Hello. I am using 20,6,18 weekly (miui 12.1) and I was wondering if I can go back to miui 11 global (official) even though I have ARB protection or switch to the stable version of MIUI 12.0. In both cases I will be doing a downgrade so ARB will brick my device, don't it? Is it possible...
  6. N

    8.8.9 (MIUI10) on locked bootloader Stable Global (MIUI 9.5.13)

    So I have flashed my Mi8 with a global rom (9.5.13) and accidentally locked it. Obviously the global will not boot up with locked bootloader. I need a china rom thats more recent than the global 9.5.13 Is there one? When will there be one? Is it possible to flash the Official Miui 10 Dev/Beta...
  7. J

    I Want To Downgrade To Nougat

    I installed 8.3.8 Oreo last weak, and besides some lag here and there, I like the ROM. The problem is that portrait mode in front cam on PixelCameraMod doesn't work, and that's a deal breaker for me. Is there a way of making the portrait mode mork, or to downgrade to Nougat? I would...
  8. M

    Guide To Fix Bootloop And Other Software Problems

    Hello Xiaomi forum members, I've made a video a while ago, this video will help fixing bootloop and other software faults. (also can be used for downgrading) Before watching the video make sure to backup your data (if possible) because after this flash you will lose all of your data, if you...
  9. quangtiens

    How To Downgrade From Miui 8 To Miui 7?

    I have used Miui 8 about 3 weeks but I miss Miui 7 :( Miui 7 more stable, good battery management, theme support better, Xpos support better... I tried to downgrade by TWRP and Flash tool but after downgrade, my phone lost IMEI, signal, app FC... then I have to back to Miui 8. Could some one...
  10. P

    [mi Note] - How Downgrade Mm To Kk On Xiaomi Mi Note

    Hi, who knows how to get back to KK?