1. D

    Flashing mi 10 Pro

    Hi everyone, New to the xiaomi community, i bought a mi 10 pro (without checking the dual sim thing for europe version...). Since my purchase I found that I could run dual sim if I flash my phone to EU ROM. I am trying to install this ROM : https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=2188818919693781126...
  2. M

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro blocked in bootloop, can't unlock, can't flash, can't access MIUI's settings

    Hello there. I have little hopes someone will be able to help me out there but I try anyway because I don't know what to do anymore at this point. Since the start of this year 2021, my phone went to bootloop. I can access Recovery 3.0 or Fastboot mode, but when I try to unlock with MiFlash...
  3. robnijhof

    [Tutorial] POCOPHONE F1: replace EXT4 filesystem of cache and data partitions with F2FS

    Hi guys, I was looking if it was possible to change the default filesystem EXT4 to F2FS on the POCO F1. I read it could give some performance improvements in terms of phone startup speed and launch speed of apps. Just simply changing the filesystem of cache and data partitions to F2FS in TWRP...
  4. A


    Hi everyone ! I make a huge mistake on my phone, and i can't fix it alone, so i seek someone with xiaomi account authorized who can EDL FLASH to repair my persist.img So if someone in this place can help me ! Thanks in advance team !
  5. T

    Stuck in bootloop, phone won't flash, need help

    Hello, a few hours ago I delt the need to download Google Pay, but it wouldn't let me use it as my phone (Redmi Note 8 Pro) is not "Play Protect Certified". Fair enough I then look on the Internet and find a way to bypass this restriction using something called "Magisk". Next thing I know : I...
  6. K

    Should I flash Xiaomi EU ROM instead of the Global stock ROM? Mi9T

    Hi, I wanted to ask you should I flash Xiaomi EU ROM instead of the Global stock ROM? And if yes, which version is stable now for this model Mi9T, because I was reading a lot of comments, some said yes, no problem, but some other said that there are a lot of problems or bugs. Now I'm with the...
  7. M

    New What to do to avoid twrp encryption after flash a .zip file?

    The way in which miui is updated is great, your data and applications are preserved correctly, but some of us it happens that after a correct installation, the device boots correctly ... but... when we need to enter twrp again ... there is that annoying message asking for code to decrypt the...
  8. BennybooT

    Locked bootloader and stuck in recovery mode.

    Hi all, TL;DR CC9 Pro (bought in China) stuck in MI Recovery 3.0 and reboot loops back to the recovery screen. Device is locked with the global rom. There is red text on the recovery screen which reads "This MIUI version can't be installed on this device." Does not matter which Mi account I use...
  9. T

    Stable dirty flash to dev

    I have mi 9t running stable 11.0.4 android 10, can i dirty flash to develop 20.2.27? I hate to install again ton of my app, please help me.
  10. K

    Issues with flashing MIUI 10.3.2

    I recently received a Mi Pad 4 (8 inch) I downloaded "SDK Platform-Tools for Windows" and TWRP Clover. I put the "twrp.img" file into the Platform Tools folder. Inside the Platform tools folder I held down right shift and clicked the right mouse button to go into powerShell. I then entered...
  11. K

    Xiaomi.eu via XiaomiTool v2?

    Hello, I wanted to ask if someone has experience with flashing xiaomi.eu developer with the XiaomiTool v2 after unlock? Do I have to flash first the stable xiaomi.eu rom in order to not getting bricked? Many thanks for your feedback!
  12. K

    Not booting - Not showing the MI logo

    Hello, I have a Redmi Note 6 Pro (Global version). Yesterday I attempted to update the phone to MIUI 11, I had 95% battery and everything seemed to be ok. I was kinda tired so I closed my eyes to rest, last time I checked the phone it was at 89.95%, I opened my eyes about 15 minutes later, and...
  13. Javier Torres

    BootLoop After TWRP Upgrade (10.3.2 to 10.3.4 HM6Pro)

    When i roleback from : xiaomi.eu_multi_HM6Pro_V10.3.4.0.PDICNXM_v10-9.zip to : xiaomi.eu_multi_HM6Pro_V10.3.2.0.PDICNXM_v10-9.zip Device Boots Perfectly.. no data loss . What is the "Best Practice" For Manually Upgrading ? I Tried Complete Wipe and still no success , "Data Encryption" Error...
  14. A

    Mi 8 - Return to global?

    Hello, I've been posting for the past week looking for advice on how to return to global or if it is even possible. I KNOW they will stop updating Global Dev that's not the type of advice I'm looking for. I'm running Xiaomi.eu Stable with unlocked bootloader (MI8 has anti rollback)...
  15. G

    [Help] Miunlock won't detect Mi 8

    I tried to unlock my new mi 8 BC I want to install xiaomi.eu on my device, but when I follow the steps on the Miunlock page nothing happens I already installed the drivers that comes with the Miunlock folder but nothing happened I got the usb debugging on I also got OEM unlock on I've already...
  16. T

    [Mi 8 Se] Can't install TWRP

    Hi Im trying to flash twrp on my mi 8 se wich has global custom rom installed from new and it's not working. When i try fastboot boot twrp.img it finishes with status okay, and then phone is stuck in dark screen and nothing happens. When i use fastboot flash recovery twrp.img it finishes...
  17. S

    XiaomiTool on Mi6x

    Hi there, did anyone test using the XiaomiTool to flash MIUI 10 Global on the Xiaomi Mi6x? (Im a flashing newbie and Im kinda scared of making mistakes, but at the same time I´ve heard you could brick your smartphone) The smartphone itself did arrive yet, but I believe it comes with the...
  18. T

    MI 8 SE: how to flash fake Chineese Rom to xiaomi.eu

    Hi all, I have an mi 8 se with moded rom by seller with English language and google store. How to change this rom to xiaomi.eu rom? Are steps on MIUI ROM Releases instructions enough for this? When turning on it says "unlocked" so i assume bootlader is unlocked. Thanks for Help!
  19. S

    Can't install TWRP on Mi Mix 2s

    I've tried to flash 3 types of twrp included the one posted here, and none of them is working, one of them just kinda worked and booted, but after rebooting, mi-recovery is still there, and things I try to flash like SuperSU for example just don't show even when it shows it flashed correctly...
  20. J

    Can I flash latest ROM as an update without losing data?

    When I use the MIUI updater app on my phone it tells me I'm already up to date even though I have version MIUI 8.8.24 for Mi 8 and the latest version should be 8.9.24 for Mi 8. If I download the latest ROM and flash it using TWRP will I lose my data (like my photos, installed apps, settings...