1. F

    Redmi Note 9

    Hi, I have one tricky question. I have: Redmi Note 9 MIUI Global Stable V12.5.6.0(RJOEUXM) Model: M2003J15SG Can I safety flash this phone to V13.0.2.0.SJOMIXM (MIUI12) from mi.com site via flasher? Becouse OTA download only V12.5.6.0(RJOEUXM).
  2. M

    I perhaps accidently erased too much, trying to find options

    I was following the MIUI data closely while it was approaching its release. At one of these websites (not this one) it mentioned MIUI 14 would use around < %40 of the system files as MIUI 13. So when the ROM came out I wanted to start from scratch. I wanted to make sure to erase everything...
  3. P

    RN8. Help Can't unlock device, Request PARAMETER ERROR.

    Good day, everyone. This is my first time in this forum so please have a patient and understand my English writing because I'm PINOY. English structure is not good. Apology if I post in the wrong forum, please correct if I'm wrong. My father had this phone a quite sometimes the RN8 It's...
  4. G

    I'm in a bootloo`and I can't enter into fastboot mode

    Hello. First, I'm spanish, so my english is bad, sorry. Last week, I tried to flash my phone's ROM, but it didn't work and I got into a bootloop. At that time, I was able to get into fastboot mode, but when trying to run the command "fastboot boot recovery.img" to get into twrp, I got an error...
  5. E

    TWRP Bootloop / Can't flash to Xiaomi.eu V12.5.2

    Hello, [What I want] I want to flash my beloved MI 9T (with the popup-camera) from Stock-Rom MIUI 12.1.1 to Xiaomi.eu 12.5.2. My phone has an unlocked bootloader, but is not rooted. [the problem] After flashing TWRP and xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20MI9T_V12.5.2.0.RFJCNXM_v12-11.img, I am always caught...
  6. S

    New Poco X3 Pro Flashlight Issue

    With the most recent major phone update, my torch/flashlight seems to have broken even though it's still there as an option. It doesn't turn as a torch and it does not turn on when using flash for pictures. Any similar experiences or solutions to the problem?
  7. S

    [HELP] Updating Poco F3 freezes mid update

    So it started flashing this uefisecapp_a thing and then decided not to, and is frozen/stuck there. Is it safe to close and restart? do I wait? what do I do? Any help is greatly appreciated (it's been "sending" for the past few minutes)
  8. H

    Bootloop and locked bootloader Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro, I have tried a lot of things

    Hi, I'm starting to say that I'm kinda new to these "things" so: I have received this xiaomi red mi note 10 pro with the miui (or whatever that logo is) infinitely stucked and never boot the system; Now I have googled things for 2 long days and I have done a couple of things, but the result is...
  9. R

    No space left on device flashing ROM

    Hi, yesterday I tried to flash xiaomi.eu ROM on my MI9T (davinci); coming from PE12. When I typed adb push ROM /sdcard adb said that there was no space left on device to push it. The ROM's size is 2.99GB. I wrote df -h on TWRP's terminal, and it turned out that rootfs is only 2.6GB. How can I...
  10. LikMaw

    (MI10T) Can't save TWRP, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery

    Hi everyone. I've been trying to install this ROM for two days but I've founded some problems in my way. I can install TWRP on my phone through fastboot and it it boots, but when I enter the system and then try to get into recovery another time, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery. Why does...
  11. P

    [9.8.1] To latest rom?

    Hello. I bought Xiaomi Mi 9T back in 2019 and flashed there Xiaomi.eu 9.8.1 rom (Miui 10.5). There were some bugs but nothing major. Now, after 2 years, i would like to update my rom to latest version with lowest possible risk of hard bricking my device. To make everyone sure here what exactly...
  12. Andrew733

    How can I roll back OTA update 12.5.1

    Hello friends, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 lite Shes phone 12.5.1(OTA) Android 11 RFNEUXM my wife would also like to have 12.5.1 xiaomi.eu. Today she has OTA 12.5.1. After you have my 12.5.1 xiaomi.eu 12.5.1 she almost burst into tears. No futures, no superwall, nothing!!! :( She would like to have...
  13. H

    Are there already well known consequences when unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra?

    Hello everybody :) First of all: I love this forum as it is really informative and it provides a lot of essential infos. So thank you first of all to all of you for your great work :D I purchased a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and started the unlocking process of the bootloader. Currently I'm waiting...
  14. V

    Flashing guide required for Mi 10T pro 5G

    Dear Senior Members / Moderators many people are a noob like me, i got many times boot loop while flashing our miui.EU ROMs and automatically reboot into recovery pls give a guide. thanks in advance.
  15. D

    Flashing mi 10 Pro

    Hi everyone, New to the xiaomi community, i bought a mi 10 pro (without checking the dual sim thing for europe version...). Since my purchase I found that I could run dual sim if I flash my phone to EU ROM. I am trying to install this ROM : https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=2188818919693781126...
  16. M

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro blocked in bootloop, can't unlock, can't flash, can't access MIUI's settings

    Hello there. I have little hopes someone will be able to help me out there but I try anyway because I don't know what to do anymore at this point. Since the start of this year 2021, my phone went to bootloop. I can access Recovery 3.0 or Fastboot mode, but when I try to unlock with MiFlash...
  17. robnijhof

    [Tutorial] POCOPHONE F1: replace EXT4 filesystem of cache and data partitions with F2FS

    Hi guys, I was looking if it was possible to change the default filesystem EXT4 to F2FS on the POCO F1. I read it could give some performance improvements in terms of phone startup speed and launch speed of apps. Just simply changing the filesystem of cache and data partitions to F2FS in TWRP...
  18. A


    Hi everyone ! I make a huge mistake on my phone, and i can't fix it alone, so i seek someone with xiaomi account authorized who can EDL FLASH to repair my persist.img So if someone in this place can help me ! Thanks in advance team !
  19. T

    Stuck in bootloop, phone won't flash, need help

    Hello, a few hours ago I delt the need to download Google Pay, but it wouldn't let me use it as my phone (Redmi Note 8 Pro) is not "Play Protect Certified". Fair enough I then look on the Internet and find a way to bypass this restriction using something called "Magisk". Next thing I know : I...
  20. K

    Should I flash Xiaomi EU ROM instead of the Global stock ROM? Mi9T

    Hi, I wanted to ask you should I flash Xiaomi EU ROM instead of the Global stock ROM? And if yes, which version is stable now for this model Mi9T, because I was reading a lot of comments, some said yes, no problem, but some other said that there are a lot of problems or bugs. Now I'm with the...